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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  September 5, 2014 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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cleanup effort but first clifford live with the latest from the scene >> : right now sitting along mission street 22nd and 20 third avenue this section of roadway remains closed down 24 hours after the fire started yesterday part of that is because so struck down its offer you the buses huge pile of debris is still out for the burn store we do not know when that will good clean up also the fire department is still on seen here taking a look at video from are a lot earlier today fire department has been here for more than 24 are keeping an eye out for hot spots. they do not want this to get kicked up again in the one repeat of what happened yesterday at the fire possibly spreading other buildings have been here all day keeping an eye on things also learning today that the building which is called a big house retail store that carries the like toys and luggage is a total loss totally the roof collapsed yesterday and to on sought a safe or four
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inspectors again and to assess the damage also hearing the plan is to demolish the building don't know when exactly that will happen san francisco fire department says the damage was too extreme to save the building >> : airline when the mergers get up to over a thousand agrees that it will affect steel beams inside the building will cause damage to it and cause and the twist when you lose the potential strain it can no longer support the weight of the walls or the roof has already collapsed this makes the stability of these buildings compromised and again as to the intense heat of fuel inside the building the jobs it temperatures upward as starts before see steel beams >> : a couple filed thing is we don't know how long mission will be closed well and to weaken the fort closes maybe early next week also appears that is up to business owners to clean up the pile of debris in the roadway at
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mission test will know what will happen >> : the exact cause of the fire is still under investigation >> : by a retail store that burns cramped fall merchandise and tolerance and lime marine kelly shows how much inventory there is to clean up >> : this sprawling mound of debris some of the merchandise inside a big house when the fire broke out in now it's a lie on the sidewalk part of the street here on mission street and a big watter log pile. it is the sort of things they sold this luggage box of short still looks like. south animal right there haps soccer balls all sorts of different kind of clothing that is just what's on the outside of the store and >> : zooming in here you get the
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idea of what's the stuff outside their storefront here purses' shopping bags cardboard boxes filled bring with merchandise and inside the store yet again idea what firefighters have the get to deal with when they arrived to restore absolutely a renovated with merchandise because of all this stuff was inside all fuel for this fire which is why it got very hot very quickly and so smoky. you can look and see closely on the ceiling of the first floor caved and and so much of what you're looking at an ounce here is the store's inventory which is stored in the attic above. the stuff crowding in the store is a charge for fire flares and putting out the blaze >> : firefighters official of the arts because and in 2009 because of merchandise overcrowding and other safety concerns of business
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was not cited because owners fix the problems that and 2013 inspectors got another complaint but found no hazards at that time >> : list of all this and not but after 1.60 earthquake is cause significant damage in downtown area also taking a toll on residents throughout the city today not a fire fighters there help the people try and get things beckham order the firefighters checked and salute by the brand new flat screen tv for an elderly couple whose television was destroyed in the quake >> : these are inept of fire fighters association is a small gesture of how and helped one family returned to normal life obviously they were overwhelmed by what happens in really impacted and really want people to know it's a tremendous zero. for not only are support staff all local church groups and community groups red cross there are a lot of volunteers available if
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people have needs it and contact volunteer center 7 0725262 tutu us know and will try to match you up with your needs to be can rebuild homes and we can do little things to help out >> : if you in touch that number is + a r r kron4-dot-com the firefighters say the volunteer center of knapp also placing information on the red cross church groups other local groups helping quake victims >> : knew at 5:00 and jim harbaugh says ray mcdonald will play in sunday's opener in dallas >> : days after the defensive tackle was arrested on felony domestic violence charges san jose police call that mcdowell's corps earlier sunday for his 30th birthday party happens at sacramento bee reported that the fiance showed what happened on the breeze is out on her arm and neck as if the dollar was strong
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drug of the of the 10 weeks pregnant out of his home >> : he is out on bail not formally charged under a new nfl policy if the players on the be involved in domestic violence incident it will get a six game suspension second incident can lead to lifetime ban >> : now can forecast live from the pteron out temp looks like a beautiful evening and a live picture from across the roof top tehran in san francisco of the blue sky chief meteorologist jacqueline bennett here to tell us how looks for weekend weather >> : it looks pretty good buy right now another look from the golden gate bridge and see low cloud coverage lingering near the bridge tower. as we take a look at satellite imagery this afternoon clear along the seine tel coastline still seeing patchy clouds to the north of the club's really haven't affected inland valleys today still pretty warm their temperatures in the '80s 87 in antioch 83 in
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pleasanton 70 days to the north bay '70s down to the south bay it will be a pretty nice weekend or on the bay area lying at temperatures in the '70s and '80s on saturday a few low 90s expected for your sunday and where take a look at more temperatures coming up later in the show >> : coming up at 515 will in all but the man suspected of a brutal beating a bay area bathroom then joan rivers remembered from comedy pioneer its third entertainment and stranger but at the umpire she built >> : next results of a new study that the wearing a bra can increase the risk of breast cancer >> :
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new study disputes what is called the meth bras can increase the risk of breast cancer seattle to it more the the 1500 and relevance of that they say it didn't matter how many hours a day when were bras power ltd. began wearing them or hot at the head underwires >> : not cancer education groups the city's been fighting them for years >> : still ahead that shows the bay area firefighter can involve a lot more than just fires >> :
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identified the man they believed to be is behind the brutal best and beating happened a public park in san jose makes use that man of getting punched and having exposed himself to a child kron 4 will trend has latest >> : san jose police searching for a 41 year-old francisco they know about because of the deal posted online this happened on monday san jose fell apart in the video police say of punch is hit with another man assault was a bastion for allegedly exposing itself to his son >> : they don't know it's true yet they don't know it's there this game is possibility against older hysterical and is not speak english very well eventually they'll often believe. from the video investigation they're able to release the picture this say does not matter if the happened not little condemned at the age of kept an eye on the man and called police officers but the
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officers to those their job >> : or bay area and news richmond police arrest the man accused of trying to arrest a teenage girl last month josh from man arrested is definitely say to try to pull grow into his car near south 30 at st. florida avenue on august 22nd little girl able to get away in a few days later she spotted the suspect again her father was able to the take these photos and was arrested on attempted kidnapping he's being held on $100,000 bail. petaluma police say they're looking for men following her arrest 13 year-old girl yesterday and she had left alive charter school walking petaluma boulevard when she approached her in the car offered to give her a ride and the girl told police he got more aggressive when she was abused and try to follow
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her country credit away >> : man described as the new or flight for sedan with black hulk. see covers >> : developing story jamaican authorities say they have spotted oil spill a suspect in order control plane went down in the sea private plane flew hundreds of miles with the pilot unresponsive at one point airforce fighter jets were scrambles to intercept it. >> : the last exchange for new york businessman larry for all requests to descend a lower altitude he is at the controls of his tbn turboprops of lebow 4838 local time this morning he and his wife left rochester n.y. on for naples florida. an hour-and-a-half later he needed to descends and air traffic told the drop the 25,000 ft. and is less transmission. >> : really deplore. then nothing
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>> : of the plane continued with no for the real context vest the faa contacted norad american air defense system to f-15 jets scrambled from homestead air force base in south florida. one pilot got close enough to see glaser slump over the controls >> : the and of how fast but the second >> : the apparently never happens >> : there force jet said the term back on the plane entered cuban airspace after a flight of the island had dropped off the radar 15 mi. north of port antonio jamaica >> : their force pilot said that the planes, put windows a paradise up as they were watching indication the couple might have frozen to death >> : from mt. tam cam the cyclo is appealing over the coast
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here we do have sunshine pretty much everywhere so we do take a look at some pictures right now 70 degrees of some of the bay area very comfortable that even inland it wasn't too terrible war out there right now wait to concord 81 and livermore. as a look ahead to tonight the fall returns and receive drizzle as well temperatures largely in the upper 50s into tomorrow we see fog returns to clear. a mile to warm tomorrow '70s and said the bay and '80s away from the coast. look at the fog out the door tomorrow fairly widespread and it it's not going to clear but it clocked most impact 11 after that mexico's >> : fog keeps temperatures mollisols bay '70s and '80s 77 call top 85 los gatos 83 and santa clara. also in the '80s for the most part inland we will have the low 90s and his work against
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iraq and in '85 and then delayed seven livermore 67 is inside the bay 76 in san leandro 25 and hayward 76 and also of san mateo the north they mix the upper '70's and low 80s. this weekend's very similar weather both days morning fog afternoon sun tried mild conditions by monday it looks like we will see the return of that subtropical moisture to the central valley edging toward the bay area only steal more cloud cover perhaps the muddy conditions as well >> : joan rivers being remembered as more than a woman who made a slap >> : and she's a game changer in the world of entertainment insulator's see andrews from hollywood to talk about the amazing empire she built nine she was a stand up fashion for specified author and was an empire now look at legs this is a legacy she leaves behind his shown behind a very impressive numbers >> :
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a chronic workaholic to the very end are reported net worth a hundred $50 million have theirself relevant by constantly reinventing herself decade after decade >> : , but never looks like this means no one wants me to the do everything i tried to do and worked >> : tirelessly writing her days still stand up gigs' lectures sharp tone fashion boutique also misfortune to 24 years on qvc >> : had estimated $1 billion of her own drollery and impressive 1.2 million items sold last year alone. >> : reenter that were >> : making no apologies for her lavish lifestyle joining medicare was inside her upper side eat her house for $30 million >> : enjoy my comforts on all i
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have to work for >> : awhile with carefully get some rather work and live where live a have a wonderful time >> : won tenuous tonight at 74 kron 4 news now back to you >> : is there tonight at 7 followed by entertainment tonight at some of 30 then kron 4 news at 8. coming up next was likely to cause controversy your book photo schools getting a lot of salt over >> : california parents letting them shop with their special needs kids head as several for >> :
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should be that big a deal the line it was kind of tacky realign some opinions about this photo published in the high school year book christians picked up the 2014 issue last week and in the area on doors and given out category causing controversy take a look at the photo for to seniors chose and most likely to skinny dip. there appear to be naked. the trend be humorous to a certain extent at a dinner go over that with a certain faction of people who sell your book >> : school administrators said they received numerous complaints about the photo the book staff about 20 students, the skinny dipping idea of the internet then pick the winners >> : year book staff and a teacher once the saw before published a intent behind it never to pistons a negative light up the pace of school a negative light according
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to some students it did kind of inappropriate to be put a a book >> : : warmup crisis to that others didn't think much of it. can the funny the offends me know why you shouldn't look at it >> : district says for now on the other set of lies be viewed in the year book before published >> : can change republican tell people we're going to mature those sorts of things will happen in the future >> : officials argue that the two stinson photos did have clothes on when the farmers were taken there would not say whether anyone will be punished >> : coming up a 530 another american suspected noble oversees brought back to the u.s. >> :
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another american aid worker infected with a low return to the u.s. dr. rick is a certain third american health worker gets it all working in liberia taken by ambulance earlier this morning: assault hall of nebraska medical center and dispenser more on the what's next for him >> : dr. rick wasn't seen double-
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digit strictly the deadly virus affected him and delivering babies a hospital and library capital >> : the call from the doctor who was complained to come to the eyes states >> : he said it is clearly sick but in very good spirits >> : nancy know little about what he's going through >> : it and have any idea but survive and have a clear >> : she dr. bromley also contracted to walt working in liberia and loaded on to a specially equipped planes flown back to the united states shall be treated at the nebraska medical center in omaha. we have calls specific tree this will be using aggressive support of care to support his organ systems fluids and electrolytes is to draw the line staff says they are ready for him what ever is condition may be >> : it had several different types of a equipment that also be determined based on
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the patients themselves whats the symptoms is having at what types of situations were concerned about the sort of thing >> : friends and family also hoping that date he too will make a full recovery >> : as and obama tackle to very big issues this week at the nato summit of like ukraine and allied threat of license tory done and more of from washington >> : friday morning marked the start of a cease-fire between ukraine pro russian rebels in line announcement about the cease-fire is good news i think many think carefully whether a cease- fire will 4 also includes a commitment at understand to make real progress on a proper peace plan. and detail of that is built that to make sure happens to live also finalizing a new round of sanctions from eu and u.s. to keep up the pressure on russian president vladimir who is accused of supporting the rebels to let russia and his
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aggression toward the europe this whole free at peace the cease-fire comes after months of intense fighting between ukraine and separatists. also capping nato ways to stop the brutal violence by the terrorist group license in syria iraq great conviction that we of the act as part of the international community to create ultimately destroy all isis' >> : prison obama says the unanimous vision from man of countries to come together and feed the militant groups >> : which can accomplish is to dismantle this network enforce the has claims to control this much territory so they can do harm >> : to get the u.s., put woods on the ground and syria single u.s. will have to find partners to engage directly with isis >> :
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back in the bay area the park apartment fire or are early this morning said francisco not clear yet how the fire began started about 4:30 a.m. on the 600 block of carbon avenue cruise able to continue to just one room of an apartment brought under control what about an hour of injuries reported >> : that about a year since the red room fire destroyed a campground in the entrance of yosemite now supporters working to restore it to camp run by the city of berkeley and a fire destroyed most of the buildings including all the main buildings on the left side there looking at the before photos of what the family can't look like and on the right this scene afterwards and nonprofit non profit grew holding fund- raisers and money will be used for buying trees repairing pathways desperation restoration to take four years. the third
5:34 pm
largest wildfire in california history >> : nice day on the bay area is temperatures sundays '80s barry a wide exception of the coastline that the '60s 68 and downtown san francisco 68 also richmond 81 in nappa 83 in concord 85 and closing 10 and 87 in antioch. in to tonight with the fog returns for now place skies over downtown san francisco otc foggy conditions again tonight drizzle near the coast line clearing for saturday miles breezy in the afternoon and also very similar conditions for sunday changes as sunday forecast coming up a bit. >> : military families in san diego special needs children now have the new resources to help them when shopping for groceries erica explains >> : shopping is very challenging for us it till now go shopping for my this
5:35 pm
pushing will share player shikar very difficult to lend >> : spastic " role police dick palsy >> : can't speak and have a feeding tube >> : timeout caroline's car made an alabama special needs built the cars awful than retailers and now the military bringing in them on board now 48 to have the car still runs see how well it goes how much it's used and see how much more needs to be put out there >> : five. hard this safety will handles swing in and out >> : to lunch if you cross an adult can actually use the car as well the line is easily sex that accessible. >> : the cubs by theirself check out for the very first time >> :
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the lantastic she is happy she looked around. said the as ordinary as a test sounds. if ever been able to do that before cart small gesture that says that arrested daughter she counts >> : any is the world's >> : eckhart calling caroline's cart invented by a mother special leaves trial after her daughter >> : , up from 45 after a possible credit card hacked personal finance expert will be here to talk about what you need to know then led its security measures apple is adding after that celebrity photo past >> : and the to the indigent and for key record today it sucks fall from a ceasefire agreement in the ukraine like the closing numbers >> :
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there's more savings to love... at safeway. ingredients for life. unusual rescue variously risking people's time a deer needed help in the video from the redwood city fire department they're trying to help the deer the big bucks to get free from netting its horns got tangled somehow esoteric type bevies also helping here they did eventually managed to cut it free and there is the get away it's ok to lie >> : with >> : for the bay bridge toll plaza renown a clause just yet to be sorry mollet afternoon right now the fog will return of a little tight on fog tracker in a few minutes >> :
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fraudulent charges on their accounts surreys and retailer might have been hacked suggests latest in a string of nightmare concerns for anybody using credit cards personal finance expert as you >> : if this did happen could of been a really big pack tremendous huge and it it's it is passed what happened with target >> : this could be bigger a longer-term we talked about possibly in april accounts exposed so long time five months. and here is the civilian talk now would it take so long to find because all along guard retailers are on guard >> : you'd think so but you really have people who was on the case and what people are doing is looking at the market the black market are the being selected to starting to get these cards its old. why don't they know
5:45 pm
i keep saying well in my of happened they're not saying happened there not confirming their dancing around it sort of bigger no >> : it is a desk before the and actually it's almost certain that it is hacked >> : to say okay will provide free counseling and do this selected just basically saying ok. >> : it allows certainly did happen check your statements and make sure this was often gone on here could certainly. once the have your confirmation that make purchases >> : what else should we now and people do with their home depot customers and on you simply use your other card and any card there call your credit card this issue were to do you root cards coz was bush's side of the other items on the cards in vest the expected ninth if people
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look at the statements that and then listening people should be doing this every month and people will be looking at the statements if they did think the way i did use the card at home depot the last few months and it wanted a look and all people to take a look at the statements kazbek irresponsible but if you wait too long you will be responsible for those charges much as a home depot card and a credit card people shouldn't be using the card script allowed democratic hit get into debt with them. give every consumer protection liability with it the pros and cons >> : surf apple is planning to add more security measures because of that big celebrity photo hacked ceo
5:47 pm
went so wallstreet journal apple use e-mail pushrod vacations' to let users know when someone seems to be tampering with their information of anything i cloud for example dorchester's store i clouds information on a new device and an account pressboards previously no notifications for restoring a cloud material apple expects to start sending is that notifications and two weeks >> : china is group tries to raise $24 billion in its upcoming ipo and they do manage to do that will be the biggest amount ever raised by company heading into its stock market debut e commerce company today is hoping that the cell of the 368 million shares. >> : i woke up to fog clearing back to the afternoon and we saw temperatures '70's 80's bay area wide the one place
5:48 pm
and see those warm temperatures was of the coastline 6 is to discuss 68 in richmond 88 and end sacked 76 net san jose 81 and up by this afternoon. until weekend expecting '70s and '80s through the weekend as well even though ninety's gilroy 80 tomorrow and monday by sunday's 76 large for march 77 sunday sonoma 82 degrees both afternoon >> : and tonight in the fog returning to the coastline tomorrow morning as well after in sunshine and mild conditions for a saturday very similar weather and sunday by monday that tropical moisture pattern could be returning to the bay area and come pretty close mainly though to the central valley into the sierra. look of fog tracker tomorrow morning fairly widespread low cloud coverage and it obese load clear it caught in the morning not much clearer but by 11 fog finally goes back to their bay shores and let the coastline for the
5:49 pm
afternoon >> : , tomorrow so the '60s below 60 is not so much the high 60s a little bit more of that and 66 half moon bay in daly city 67 and services goes '70s dominance lady redwood city at the special airline we will mainly be in the '70s and 60 in richmond 76 in san leandro 78 in union city still in the '80s and when that is a couple nine news out there could spur enteric redwood. a sixth of pleasanton 85 in danville the south bay will be a mix of '70s and '80s 76 and on views 78 cell jose 81 for cupertino 89 in morgan hill finally the north bay also mixes 70's 80's 81 in petaluma 78 for sen rosa 82 in a bottle 76 and a vallejo. this weekend very similar weather both gained by monday that tropical moisture pattern edging toward the bay area skill probably be monday with or cloud cover a typical summer
5:50 pm
pattern will resume on tuesday >> : when a movie wide release this week it is a story of identical twins reunited by rock-and-roll german roth explains in this week's now showing >> : a pair of identical twins separated at birth and dreams a rock-and-roll stardom create a connection >> : areas related no no real it one brother because a huge star the other learn centers and being pushed in the ministry by his teacher father >> : tries of start appears to feature some take said >> : identical trust the the his own start things get tough >> : their identical to call it pg. coming up
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>> : caught on the 500 speedway >> : explain what happened in the next addition of people behaving badly tonight at 8 >> : tech reporter gave slaves here on kron 4 the vest of reaction going on right now social media related to joan rivers death >> : it's never been easier to find a dentist.
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social work slip up all day with reaction to or joan rivers deaths liberty, and sutter getting the most favored shares between its overall look a what stranding right now the social media related to joan rivers >> : kiddy perry often a target on jones fashioned please show put this was the point where it all the dumb possums if jones is not here to tell apart allies still jackson said of our better we'll miss joan
5:55 pm
devereaux is expected her go for gross humor >> : was 72 billion tragic life and let rest funniest of all >> : ellen did jenner's pleaded joan rivers will be a pioneer pave the way for a lot of comedians very said he's gone >> : the close on fashion please post of the picture is as i love you in all my heart and a level never be the same >> : are gone aground it was a this and instagram with arthur joan rivers joke says on the exercise guide one me bend over he would put diamonds on the floor >> : there were close friends catherine. alexian a friend and mentor icon and wildly funny one-of-a-kind to >> : put this out there that the first female network talk show. and was that with the way to you to video of the show boy showed on rivers on the fox network in 1986 >> : all over the social the work company with this link
5:56 pm
people less to their friends to collect on that and sign a politician >> : asking the september 24th >> : morning both of the huge losses leslie people sharing status codes by joan rivers like this one never be afraid to live by yourself could be missing the joke of the century and so much less a surgery when i die they'll donate my body to tupperware >> : plaza 6 identify the woman burned to death and the south bay last week they find loved her fall friends and allies students returned to richmond high school the day after someone makes sick with pot could use >> : with pot could use >> : i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak...
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she was murdered her body dumped along the road and then set on fire. passer-by made a grim discovery a week ago yesterday and then slightly learn the woman has been identified 35 rolls of san jose. but the evening everyone cat >> : 6 rob flatboat tells us about the victim also was a close friend is saying about her and looked killer continues >> : she was a person not just somebody. she fought back tears as she ttoal a close friend of friendship dating back to drop could >> : she's not a bad person she really is a good friend and a good person everybody
6:00 pm
should check me friends with them >> : ashore here photos posted of this with page joey had recently moved back to san jose from missouri and a week ago thursday the pot but it's gone by passerby oakland road your chest or reservoir and the skater say very little about the case they do have leads. >> : they do have people come for work in giving information about possible vehicles and possibly sitting in the area and we are actively chase and goes down looking for those people and trended in an interview with time >> : deputies called on a public health could on chance that smells traveling in the area around 8:00 a.m. on morning august 28th letter of seen something suspicious. alain the on making a similar plea lines >> : shows a friend family member she was somebody. electricity is us and how where chile was killed but
6:01 pm
say that the fire was set in an effort to destroy evidence >> : happening now crews are still on the scene at the huge fire in san francisco mission district happened yesterday is still not clear how started but fire officials say the building is a total loss and will have to be torn down >> : trawls clifford live in san francisco and has the very latest >> : right now say on mission street between 22nd 23rd street the section of roadway closed so for muni and what's happening right now is that the services of fire departments danzig here keeping an eye out for some hot spots created a from earlier today they want to make sure the fire does not flare back up again and this is a fire alarm fire making sure there's no hot spots and debris in the building but to stop the flames again spread to neighboring buildings and also it's happening right now the inspectors from the fire department are insurance companies folks engineers out here assessing the
6:02 pm
damage to the building this is a total loss they're going back of the terrace down in figuring out the best way to do that the other answered question is how this fire started bono yen and saw the fire department saying inspectors is too dangerous and to go inside the building there will wait until the structure gets torn down and the debris is being taken now were told fire department goes there inspectors will be able to determine how the fire started month that debris comes off and you can find evidence are some people and well-trained they come out slowly as they come out but to the story often times they find and determine what caused a fire >> : back live now at this point no debris behind me here in the roadway picked up we're told that the responsibility of the business owner out exactly when they will clean that up also again they don't know when the bill will demolish the old english industry will have to remain closed until that happens
6:03 pm
>> : for now san fransico charles clifford kron 4 news >> : and devastation from the fire all the mess if your allotted by standards of the mission street people shopped said there said about what happened and they feel very bad for voters. a few home you the had set >> : a very sad. the press people shocked it happens >> : and people use a shopping there >> : of those are for the people who were there family >> : eight years to destroy pot town or you to get groceries what of the household items in europe and the steroid for 60 years >> : even if his heart a little fire officials noticed a correction to the owners of the trust ankh in 2009 because of merchandize overcrowding some other safety concerns and they did not set the business they
6:04 pm
said they would fix the problen 2013 inspectors got another complaint but said they found no hazards at that time. to bay area students released after eating cookies laced with marijuana. a letter to employees to the cookies lefty's tunes on koch's thursday one student had to be resuscitated three others vomiting police arrested a 17 year-old high- school senior accused of selling those cookies the students taken in custody on suspicion of child endangerment possessing and distributing drugs on school campuses she's being treated at the juvenile hall in martina's police say school officials reportedly pot taking steps to expel her >> : disturbing story out of sonoma county authorities arrested a man and woman after the unloaded weapons marijuana grown operation at the windsor home. also these products said made with her own skater on a home in
6:05 pm
windsor all that well to year-old a four year-old lawrence said house these are photos of some of marijuana growing there is also lot of candy there does within reach of the children and told the shotgun and handgun also on plain sight those children now in protective custody the man woman have posted bail there will be arraigned of child endangerment charges monday >> : some controversy ahead of all hon 49 season opened a dallas real mcdonald's will play this but his arrest on sunday in domestic violence charges >> : mcdonnell was practicing with the team today and so far no formal charges were filed for the alleged incident involving the ball and his pregnant fiancee korea matter say they will be respecting due process here and earlier this week had court coach jim harbaugh made clear how feels about domestic violence during radio interview with kay and we are. >> : speak for myself and for 40
6:06 pm
niner's the we will not tolerate domestic violence. second principle will be firm believers in from the process and understanding of those two principles of the coach organization the league of coaches have made a point and will continue to of the emphasis with good conduct larger percent of the time and that is we believe personal part of our responsibility >> : because rest comes one week after the nfl implemented tougher penalties for early employee found guilty of domestic violence to elect six games for first offense lifetime ban possible for a second offense and let an honor faced the patriots if you agree with the decision to let a doll play sunday they say no such there above lit a to still play the break flaw in >> : the trees of innocence until proven guilty have his day
6:07 pm
in court kevin says he can't punish a man unless you have all affects right now as he said she said coached and the right thing in my book guilty he will give his punishment >> : also there is a polar website more than 75 percent of used say you do not agree with the decision by the coach and join the conversation on kron 4 facebook page or on our web site at kron4-dot-com >> : the by stadium will be packed this weekend to head an international stock soccer match between mexico and chile it also dealt for israel test of the new turf replaced after the niners last preseason home game late last month the of the helicopter partnership with abc 768 nelson fans expected here tomorrow 40 natters regular-season home opener next sunday september 14th against the chicago bears
6:08 pm
million i stay on the bay area today temperatures largely in the 70's 80's. the exception of the coastline we were in the 1960's. look up fog slowed clear so we were a couple cooler places like conquered 83 there said so prewar and livermore 8687 @ stock 81 nappa sundays down through the south bay looking live now from mount tam candidacy was a sunny local laws are in a pique over the coastal hills and we see reached on fog tonight satellite imagery showing mainly clear skies and a cemetery cosign or fog along the north bay assault pushes back into inland valleys tonight >> : we have widespread fog some drizzle with a coastline temperatures in the upper 50s and said the bay and for inland valleys and into tomorrow that will all fall slowed clear once again so keep a mild it to warm and and '70s and said the bay '80s away from the coastline
6:09 pm
we took the numbers in your neighborhood coming up >> : still had prostitution sting in richmond said winds nearly a million a few behind bars and lime commands seat a portion of the menace of a big part giving back another firefighter putting smiles on the faces of some people affected by last week's quake >> :
6:10 pm
6:11 pm
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firefighters are automation to do just that. how they're helping to hulk after week after the earthquake >> : in the third american doctor infected with the ball back in the west ever will have an update after the condition coming up next >> :
6:14 pm
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ow. i'm not gonna lie to you. it's also the biting. break up with cable. choose u-verse tv from $19 a month for 2 years. elderly nappa residents living in trailer parks particular vulnerable during recent earthquakes. today it has the money in an nappa with firefighters surprise when a married couple is a special gift >> : a special delivery new flat screen tv for the elderly couple. they recently purchased a television that was destroyed during the nappa earthquake. >> : many of banks for the members of the nappers city of fires association all for
6:17 pm
the last week tracking residents of the lafayette village trailer park after the earthquake and the cam across canada we heard a story about the tv and we we did it passed the hat around aerostation best buy stepped up and give us a really good price on an open box tv. they didn't give us a bit too for free. and obviously unusual but we said thoughtfully selected do right now to a halt to life back to normal >> : beautiful people i know firemen are special group of people but this is certainly certifies that fully to me. as the sit firefighters say they're not on helping the community >> : if people have needs that can contact the city of nappa 7 072526252 tremendous
6:18 pm
outpoint throttle are support staff but local church group local community groups across a lot of people available to step forward and help >> : pretty nice day on the bay area today pre comfortable on the bay area at this hour '70s and a couple low 80s and land right now mainly in the '70s 71 san jose and and santa rosa. 70 unconquered 77 in livermore tonight in the fog will be returning widespread fog drizzle near the coastline addled be slow to clear for your saturday very similar conditions on sunday. his look of fog tracker tomorrow morning fog fairly widespread in the 6:00 hour. but as between six and eight and a lot clearing. it won't be clear to 11 back in afternoon temperatures tomorrow still
6:19 pm
in the '60s up the coast line 65 at ocean beach 66 and half moon bay and as the cup. 6747 cisco and the peninsula down 70767 tel in redwood city >> : mainly in the '70s for east bay shoreline tomorrow will still be a 68 in richmond 71 all meet a 76 in san leandro 75 for a word inland valleys still on the warmer side in the '80s for the most part but we'll hit the '90s in pittsburgh antioch and brentwood. at the south bay largely in the '80s still heading to the '70s and couple places like on view san jose and five loss goes on and valleys in the north bay lot of ladies as well 81 petaluma 83 and center felt 77 are part of mill valley says it's also in vallejo >> : afternoon sun and about monday that sought a the
6:20 pm
central valley will end in the bay area and expect more cloud cover also more bawdiness but it does look like the thunderstorms will stay out of the bay area >> : the third american health workers infected with the below arrive in the u.s. he is a missionary worker in liberia and light into collins' rash to recover from the disease but this time there are no more doses of experimental vaccine called the c map. the christian missionaries brought to hospital in omaha all your li right to complete his journey in a special biocontainment you and in doctors' at the medical center make a rough time ahead >> : consolation of symptoms consisting fevers haddocks not show vomiting much likes or less alike feel
6:21 pm
like elvis. he's in good spirits and ready for anything >> : they want you to know he would not be afraid to pass into eternal life airline he had not been working in of all your naked been delivering babies out of a mission hospital had been on the job for a month as spokesman say for reinstatement to cigarettes a day. >> : i could well die from this disease. frankly, my main concern offered to be and my boys i can only trust that god is at work. fellow aid workers doctor come to bradley, recovered after being given an experimental vaccine called is the max. at last word there or is no more available. doctors in the west this say they will do all the can for him including one for other
6:22 pm
experimental treatments >> : to i doctors say that it is obviously sick and uncomfortable he is in stable condition >> : coming up next apple stepping up this and the wake of celebrity photo iraq also florida out art gallery wake of celebrity photo iraq also florida out art gallery planning on caching and helping you find a dentist you'll want to go to for the rest of your life. we've helped over 8 million people find that dentist, and we can do the same for you. call 1-800-dentist today. ♪
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just in we have breaking news to tell you about your looking at the scene of a creche in richmond with pot cover partner in a sky 7 you see it on the side of the building felipe was in the area and he joins us now on the phone fully police in nearby when this happened. >> : i was inside off the centile we were working on a number ofs' stories are right along all sudden she got a call but high-speed pursuit of a stolen vehicle in the area of the garden
6:26 pm
ave the hightail over here and i tell you the looks very startling it's actually a set of the home and police department tells me the kids were inside when the bus ran into it and there were some injured passengers inside of that with saw few of them taken away by ambulance the entire neighborhood out here watching the play all right now other situation is that there is a gas leak caused by the bus ramming into the home pg&e had rushed here were begun shutting the gas and electricity and off the believe that they've got about. there was at least two suspects as of the car wrote. one of those suspects in custody from what the police tells me but canine units circling the neighborhood as well try and find other the car spoke to
6:27 pm
a witness and says this is all going down minutes ago and he says that the suspects the guy driving a car totally irresponsible driving down marvin and that's when the boss tried to get all the way somehow pushed into the home but clearly this these men in a stolen car reckless and ends up with several people injured here some of them are children >> : were looking at the scene live and i have to say this as something the see the boss just jammed into the wall of the home. i can't tell if that's a grosz apparently not a thing as part of the house >> : give details of injuries or is it too soon >> : i can tell you there are injured people. the bus parked on the driveway and inside a house at the
6:28 pm
kitchen is near there. we know a few injuries some of them children now have an exact number don't know the conditions of the injured officers telling me at this point doesn't know if this year's going to find all play all know that just happened minutes ago saw all the information >> : you right there basically as this happened and do we >> : have you seen any money taken into the ambulance is transported >> : were getting unprecedented access to a 13 right now normally is the blocker to weigh since we're on the right along with the police department just so happened that will only station here on seen inside x the boss and say that we did see
6:29 pm
people taken away in an ambulance the kits. exact number in the. then i am sure the trend to keep people away you happen to be with the police officer your right there are the trendy keep neighbors or people away from this area right now. >> : as a large perimeter, germond avenue was blocked off for chemistry close off that piece to your four blocks to the north and the looks like actual stolen car burbank seven of 15 to a mental block away or half a block away somewhere above sexually ended up in the home >> : is looking at this is gonna take a while to get this seen cleared up and that's an amazing sight >> : >> : when you to these scenes when you gotta get a court could order the nappa code
6:30 pm
and higher ac transit bus out of here not only do that the plot away from home on top of a gas line that's ruptured >> : they're gonna be out here for a vaginal lead >> : out of the said this or clarify whether people on the bus besides the driver was a situation with the boss >> : there are people inside the bus when this happened some of them will still be here such a large crowd here the can't imagine that all of them are neighbors and the witnesses spoke with x taken from his cousin and actually see the passengers but he says that the bus was almost full. airline people and said the bus and again there were children according to a police department inside the kitchen of a home for this must wear red and to their with thrown back when a bus ran into a home there condition i don't know. but
6:31 pm
certainly there and walk away with injuries from this >> : new questions about it >> : are looking again now the bus kind of grace building in the front part of the bus there the right front edge just plowed right through the wall of the house >> : we saw a car of you wants to go smashed up red car assuming that i shouldn't assume is that the car that had been leading police on the chase >> : yes correct your and on that >> : car at 18th half a block away from the bus as the car that was involved in a high-speed chase a stolen vehicle you conceive of of the helicopter video shows it but the front end of it is completely destroyed and there is ahead reclusion their and the front bumper is actually 10 yds away from the car itself scattered atop the roadway >> : and then take some time to
6:32 pm
clean that up as well their bets is deployed right now and take a look and walking up to it right next to the police department the checking out as well both paramedics confirmed were deployed with all right now >> : we're looking at the bus again we are pretty good look at the car owner ago those release-up so again in case people aren't just joining us is starting with somebody in what police say was a stolen car and chased correct >> : the there was an officer at from what we know identified stolen vehicle attempted to stop the car and at high speed pursuit was on. it led them into this neighborhood on 18th and that's when something happened between the boss and the officer and a stolen vehicle where the bus ended up into the home
6:33 pm
>> : and all of the boss was trying to avoid the pursuit at this point of standing directly behind the bus and i don't see any impact. i'll tell and sale of the bus was hit from behind by the stolen vehicle >> : haven't pointed out the office's car involves in the person originally and i don't see any the trocars benched. with the stolen car did out of. side of the bus we will have the flesh those details out. the looks fairly chaotic images are startling >> : will be awhile before all this plays out as you said there are several layers of problems here the crash, the people in the house of people on the bus and the gas leak. catullus from being at the scene what was going on regarding the gas leak. class right now. keep
6:34 pm
off the gas is been turned off the line the guest has been turned off according to pg&e. that's one issue that will be avoided but still the boss and said the home. it ahead of the coalition passengers inside the bus started to address other laws possibly one more suspect still at large at this point and canine units canvassing the area assistance from residents here at the cellule residents have been pointing in different directions say hey look to my want to check here or the officers to amador evidence this to the summer nelson said. when residents right now the spoke to one of them who witnessed the happened was obsolete disturbed and we're talking what young man who lives in the neighborhood is
6:35 pm
so were all went down and said can't be happening can be this irresponsible high speeds inside a neighborhood with a boss ending up inside the home >> : or taking a look at the car again and see police officers around the car was badly smashed up and seeing what is obviously a residential neighborhood and not a huge area in terms of traffic and it looks like a just residential neighborhood correct >> : yes correct them walking back over the car right now and officers have some measuring equipment out there starting to break the scene down now would have to do so trend figure out exactly what happened yes word residential abroad and there is a business around here for several blocks many of these people lived in this area for a long time. looks like they have a relationship with some officers much respect as a
6:36 pm
sharp right now with the cooperation we are right in the middle of the intersection at burbank us for this car is >> : in the middle of the intersection in the middle of the story that in the be there with the police crew and bargaining a better idea of what's happening here than we certainly would have so thank you for that tellus again when did this happen. a short time ago >> : i would say the get into the car or on 530 once left the police station the train the check sexes station and stop us and that's what she got the call as a high-speed pursuit going on we go over the median 10 sites driving your pot over a 90 mi. an
6:37 pm
hour is doing so you see the cars and fun trying to get out of the way but the thing happen fast enough so slow this down a little bit but then we hit by a 545 with 45 but say and immediately officers pot of parameter to berlin residents from being able to leave the area were under the impression they're still one more suspect out there outstanding 81 anybody believe who may be potentially see something or be involved and at this point i want the all the injured autobus that must happen pretty quickly and then peony obviously called and it cut the get-off to make sure this in turn into a disaster >> : think you so much for a great job on standby and we will be back continuing to monitor this but we'll be back with more news carries coming up we take a break and
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
6:41 pm
it will start to dynastic and ahead farm oxalis today for widespread far tonight to live close so clear saturday still pretty mild little breezy in the afternoon sunday very similar weather expected so fog tracker for pinpointing the local coverage in the 6:00 hour tomorrow morning fairly widespread and again and pre slowed clear by o'clock hanging around pre 11 slowly moving back to bay shores after that back to the coast. temperatures in 70 cities to marcel's bailey hit 77 call to 45 and moscow's a three and senate clara. berlin valets we see more sought on one side a small. mainly in the '70s and saw the bay of but we his 68 in richmond 67 downtown san francisco in a mix of '70's 80's for the no. 8. this weekend very similar conditions both days by monday looks like of subtropical moisture ellis'
6:42 pm
for central valley and we see more cloud cover and bawdiness move into the bay area. rebate will be back after this >> : safeway understands you got to make every dollar count these days. that's why they have lots of ways for you to save. real big club card deals, the safeway app and gas rewards. school is in and so are the savings. pretty lady green grapes are just $1.99 a pound. kids love kraft mac & cheese. you'll love that it's 79¢ a box.
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justin to deer have been spotted on the golden gate bridge to runcie that every day your son to us a videos there they are and there's another zero running along the bridge about 530 tonight the kind of wonder how got to this point traffic was stopped swayze the cars they were running around going bodies car as the chp says the with the deer since left that this was about 530 tonight >> : in sports garry his lovely wife alicea back ready to open the kron 4 gary and alicea open kron 4 mail bag to answer you questions. respond to comments and questions forty-niners announce the status of re mcdonnell for sunday's game garry has that all sports
6:46 pm
coming up next >> : latte or au lait? cozy or cool?
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on niners are going to put young ray macdonald on the field comes sunday in dallas. russell leslie for domestic violence about the team said their decision based on information they gather about the incident. san jose police arrested him early sunday after officers identified physical evidence of abuse of the pregnant fiancee >> : why do we be a pretty clear on that to principles are woven together the facts are was known liberty to play the game >> : and of course see and touch all pilots at 9:00 on sunday night >> : again the 49ers' no
6:50 pm
question they have information the question of what they have information but is not been made public cannot believe that after all this situation but they thought mcdonnell was built see in this matter of the pot on the field and >> : this just me but they must have information that has not become public in line with start off again with more break, talk >> : read mr. 40 daughter fan why would you want rick mcdonald said on out of the game if he legally doesn't have to >> : first often say that i want him to sit out. and then backed up a lot people listened the radio show the real 49 fans and yet read jones steve young bottle lots will said that all prefer he start again until all facts are made public and weather go from here my line just physical was when
6:51 pm
you leave the illegal arrest the to do right now and coming off all this situation brand to us if john driving schools own practicing an hour-and-a- half later discover yourself as a franchise i would sit mcdonald. have nothing at stake here and all these guys say you wont be large to a fan and >> : i'm a fan of view of fan of me and fend of my station fan of my kids but it's either a career or it can snip these guys be their bodies and seven outside >> : pre much biggest criticism why are you a fan and sick of the phillies' kevin also for if need to a rather have a happy career than the bodies >> : of any shares pit one giants days make the playoffs >> : a used in the moment giants definitely going to lead six nothing tonight in a game
6:52 pm
delayed by rain of the giants are ago and a's i hope they go to our right now the giants? here but the do have some hints and white sox moving teams >> : >> : this matter with bruce managing his son bread. >> : edging your kids in the lead manager man jr. high high school fine but when you get to the pros and money is at stake here you have people in may have to release so this is sunken are living 27 years old so and pictures steal their you may never know if it'll look like an all-star but i think you're opening to much criticism after manage your son >> : alex we're afraid to say something negative about billy dean since the cestus trade in a lot about fred elliott been smarter than me let's wait till and the season. airline andrews says
6:53 pm
when you go on vacation again it's quieter when your heart around >> : a one talk to any more >> : beckham moment
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watching this incredible scene and garden avenue 18th with the ac transit bus carload inside a house >> : in a place in the killings happened after chase they say may have been a stolen car is car smashed up if you happen to the boss also there were children in that home children on the boss. our reporter on the scene felipe alou was right there basically moments after happened that a gas leak the trended deal with and one suspects all was still with us more details coming up at 8 >> :
6:57 pm
remembering joan rivers. her $150 million empire. while hollywood says good-bye. >> plus behind the perfect runway finale.
6:58 pm
female narrator: through sunday, it's posturepedic through sunday, it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years' interest-free financing. mattress price wars end sunday at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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"the insider," with perspective on today's top trending stories. >> i would rather work and live the way i live. >> the life and legacy of joan rivers. >> i don't know anything about business. >> her one-woman, $150 million empire. from her "fashion police" franchise. >> whose look needs some fixing? >> to her best-selling books and massive real estate fortune. >> i enjoy my creature comforts. >> we have details on her funeral while her close friends give emotional good-byes. >> we're sorry she's gone. >> i will miss her. >> the first look at tina fey and jane fonda's new comedy. >> i'm not very aware of boundaries. >> we made love on our first date. >> mom. >> plus lloyd boston is with heidi klum. >> dishing the dirt on "project runway's" finale. >> 13 seasons later we're still on the air. >> then, it is his last day on
7:00 pm
"the insider." so we are giving kevin an all-star send-off. >> mr. hollywood. >> you were with us in the beginning. >> looking back at all our favorite kev moments. >> giving you my loving. >> the hard work paid off. >> "insider." >> it's time -- >> to go inside. >> cheers. >> cheers. >> now the latest celebrity news delivered to you 24/7. it's "the insider" together with yahoo!. >> hard to believe after three glorious years the day has finally come. we are saying good-bye to our captain. hello, everyone. welcome to "the insider." i'm thea andrews. >> and i'm kevin frazier. and yes, this is an emotional day here for me. let's just -- let's get to work. we begin with joan rivers remembered. joan was more than a woman who just made us laugh. she was a comedic pioneer and an entertainment game changer. >> she was a stand-up, a fashion force, a best-selling author. she really was an empire. and now we look at the legacy she leaves behind. here's joan by the very impressive numbers. >> when i


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